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Yoga to de-stress over X-mas

Getting bugged up and stressed out over Christmas already? Looking for a car park in a shopping centre is enough to send anxiety levels through the roof. It’s important to stick to your current exercise routine throughout the Christmas break, up the incidental exercise (more walking, taking the stairs instead of the lift etc) and then throw in these postures and you’ll definitely be stressing less. These restorative postures help to stretch out sore tired muscles and relax the mind and body (Om!)

Child’s pose


Stretches ankle, thighs and hips as well as being a forward bend and restorative pose.


Legs up against the wall


Similar benefits to Shoulder stand (below) this is an assisted pose that can be held for a longer time. Balances hormones in the body and can help increase breathing ability.

Shoulder stand


Known as Queen of all postures shoulder stand helps bring back balance to the whole body and will help calm your nervous system and also give you a better nights rest.



How do you like your savasana? Long and relaxing. Helps bring mindfulness back to the body, connect with breath and totally relax the body. Better sleep and a more relaxed and calm person when it comes to all things Christmas.


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