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Yoga for the pros | Tennis

By the time mid January rolls around in Australia it’s time to bust out the old tennis rackets and tell everyone how much of a superstar tennis player you were back in the day. If you are hitting the courts in the next couple of weeks like the pro’s make sure you recover like them to by stretching it out. 

Tennis involves a lot forward and back movements, long lunges and power generated from the core and chest. It’s a whole body workout so make sure you stretch out the major muscle groups with these 4 stretches.

Kneeling hip flexor stretch

Sitting down most of the time and exercise puts a lot of stress on the hip flexors. Make sure you regularly stretch out your hip flexors especially you experience any lower back pain.



Stay tall; lengthen your spine from your waist.

Have a little posterior pelvic tilt and contract your abs + glutes

Can’t feel it squeeze your glutes harder. It’s key to this stretch


Triangle pose

Multi purpose this is a perfect all rounder stretching out your inner thighs, back and chest.



Keep your bent knee and ankle all in one line. Don’t let your knee go over your toes or it will put too much pressure on your knee.

Always suck your belly towards your spine.

Make sure you get the stretch in your chest by keeping arms in one line and stretching down and reaching up at the same time.

Cactus arms

Amazing stretch for pecs and chest.

Arms out at 90 degrees. Bring finger tips of right arm into chest and swing right foot over left leg. Should feel a great stretch in your left pec.



Can’t feel it. Play with your left arm a bit more. Creep your finger tips forward and to the side until you can feel the nice stretch.


Tight hips, tight glutes this is your stretch to open your hips right up.

Everyones anatomy of knees and hips are different so there is a lot of playing around with this stretch to find out which position is best for you.



Bring your bent knee to the outside of your hip. Try and keep hips squared. Lengthen up and stretch forward over your bent shin. Your knee angle can be at whatever angle you feel the stretch. There should never be pain with this stretch so if you’re feeling any pain back off and play around with positions of your body.

Thanks to TL Team member and founder of our Melbourne fit clique Kylie Gulliver for demonstrations.

Kylie rocking the TL prevail crop and barkley shorts.


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