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WORRK IT | monday 30 m HIIT

First day #fightthefreeze and the TL Team have kicked it of with a solid 30 minute HIIT sesh that will amp up the heart rate and get the sweat happening. Sweat your way through winter – not only will you feel better but sweating helps detoxify the body so you’ll be getting rid of any toxins building up that might bring you down over the colder months.

On Monday’s for June and #fightthefreeze we’ll be dropping a workout to keep you motivated and to keep moving. We’ll rock the 3 pillars for fitness – strength cardio and flexibility. We’ll let you know what’s happening to your body, why it’s happening and what’s going to improve.

First up we’re keeping it fresh with a super quick 30 min HIIT workout that will push you hard and work the whole body.

No rest breaks, varying intensity, mixing it up between upper and lower body you will be working on all the major areas of fitness: cardio, strength, muscular endurance – tick, tick, tick we’ve got you covered.

Warm – up – 3 mins

Easy cardio warm up [jog, treadmill or skipping] to get the blood flowing, muscles warm + HR up

Interval running – 15 minutes


4 min jog at speed where you’re pushing yourself : 1 min slow jogging [active recovery] *Don’t forget only you know how hard you’re working – if you want to change, increase fitness, burn fat – challenge yourself. Push harder. Elevating heart rate will work the aerobic fitness then during the active recovery you’ll be burning fat to provide your muscles with energy.

workout1 pic

Circuit – 9 mins

No breaks. Alternating between, upper body, lower body and core.

30 secs each X 2

  • Burpees
  • Tricep dips
  • Crunches
  • Single leg step- ups
  • Push-ups
  • Reverse curl
  •  Squat jumps
  •  Forearm plank to push up
  •  Ab Bicycles

No rest insures your HR is always elevated.

Stretching – 3 mins

Take it down now. Time to high 5 yourself for a hardcore workout. Bring your HR down and increase the flexibility and range of motion of muscles by stretching.

  • Quad/Thigh stretch
  • Pec/chest stretch
  • Tricep stretch
  • Calf stretch
  • Ab stretch
  • Glut stretch

Stay warm, move, eat well and #fightthefreeze.


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