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World’s most expensive gyms

Who doesn’t like to be a part of an exclusive club or gym. We might have to give these gyms a miss though and just admire from the outside windows because unfortunately we don’t have a deposit for a house to drop on a yearly gym membership at these swankish joints..




$21,000 per year

At E at Equinox you mostly pay mostly for privacy.  Unlimited access to top of the top machinery, fitness instructors who working personally with you on your nutrition and whole lifestyle plans. A long with that you also get your own private rooms with your own shower, personal hygiene products and complete privacy.



4. The Houstonian Club

$24,000 per year

Set on 18 acres in the woods of Houston this is more of a club rather then a gym with endless facilities. Pools, tennis courts (indoor & out), boxing, basketball stadium, indoor running track this please has everything on offer if you could sleep there it would definitely be cheaper then rent. Plus you would also have your very own car wash service, laundry and everyone needs a shoe shine everyday right?



3. Madison Square Club – NYC

$26,000 per year

State of the art fitness centre and ‘nutritional counselling’ MSC is a celeb spotting gym. High end fitness machines, private workout rooms, private change rooms and your own juice and nutrition bar to help yourself. Luxurious, boutique and personal services that again include your very own laundry service at the drop of a dumbbell.



2. The Wellness Sky – Serbia

$30,000 per year 

Just look at the building at it looks like something special but definitely not a gym. This architectural masterpiece doesn’t come cheap though. The peeps of Serbia are breaking a sweat in style though with these city and river views. State of the art machines, round the clock fitness classes, nutrition coaching and massages on hand. You would want to battle it out on the treadmills for that front row view for that price each year.




$30,000 per year

Everything on offer for the ultimate athlete providing the top performance and rehab facilities to all members. Purpose built this gym includes running tracks, football fields and aqua therapy. Not as private and amenity filled as the others but if you want to train like an athlete this is the place to push the boundaries.


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