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WORKOUT LOVE | F45 Port Melbourne

Love a good HIIT session as much as us? Then you will love breaking a sweat at F45.

Functional sessions that are done and dusted in 45 minutes. Cardio, high intensity, weights – everything – you work out your whole body. There’s nothing too complex you go through your stations, have a little break and then get back on it. Intensity is up there, you will definitely break a sweat and suck in the air. They offer different classes throughout the week focusing on different areas of the body so you can pick and choose what you want to train but with the variety of everything no two sessions will be the same.

The environment is amazing – you are a part of a team, the trainers are amazing and push you harder then what you thought you had. If you’re looking to really amp up your fitness levels this will definitely get you there.

Our favourite session – Hollywood. Live dj in the studio pumping the tunes to push you through your weekend workout.

Check out F45 here


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