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WORK-OUT FUEL | pre + post snack ideas

Want a killer workout sesh?! Then you have to fuel you’re body with the right stuff from the get go. To get the most of your session you want to snack on something that won’t weigh you down and then post something to help you recover quickly. Heavier meals should be eaten at least two hours before your workout so they are digested properly but a quick snack before a workout can also take your session to the next level for harder, faster and stronger.

Rule of thumb

Pre work-out: It’s about carbs. Don’t be a hater. Carbs boost energy. If you don’t have enough carbs when you start upping the anty in your workouts that’s when muscles and tissues start to break down. Carb ideas to fuel your next sesh.

  1. Oats
  2. Banana
  3. Apple with almond butter
  4. Home made bliss balls

Post work-out: You need to replenish your energy and add a bit of extra protein to repair any muscles (especially if you’ve done any resistance work.)

  1. Greek yoghurt with berries
  2. Hummus and veggie sticks
  3. Smoothie with protein powder
  4. Trail mix

Go hard. Sweat + eat well.

TL + Team X

[photo via TL beb @tanya_ashara]

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