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Why you need to sleep more

How many hours of rest are you getting each night? It might be time to amp up the hours a bit. In a recent study by the University of Chicago found that people who don’t get enough sleep pack on the pounds. 

Lack of sleep affects one of the hormones in the body responsible for our appetite. In the recent study one group were deprived of sleep and this hormone increased dramatically along with their hunger for unhealthy foods. They went for the “highly palatable, rewarding snacks” such as sweets or chips and the study concluded an underlying relationship between excess food intake and weight gain following sleep restriction.

With so many Australians now overweight or obese it might suggest that we’re not getting enough sleep.

Make sure you’re getting enough rest; switch on the iphones (no flicking in bed – we’re guilty of this too), eat well, exercise and be well.


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