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What Your Breakouts Are Saying

When you start breaking out on your face it can actually say a lot for what’s going on inside your body (beauty starts from the inside out right..) But exactly where these guys are popping up relates directly to where your body is out of balance. Ancient Chinese medicine have been using this method called ‘face mapping’ to diagnose the cause of underlying internal body issues for a long, long time. Find out what could be causing your breakouts and how to avoid breaking out in the first place. 


Could be caused by too much fat, poor diet and too much stress on the body that causing the digestive system and liver to over work.


Get a good nights sleep, avoid rich and sugary foods. Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins. To help the liver cleanse a little bit, think of a taking milk thistle and for the digestive system a digestive enzyme (pre-meals) to help the body break down gluten and dairy easier.

Third Eye Area

Indicates the stomach and liver area of the body. Again can be caused by a poor diet, poor digestion and toxin build up in the body.


Drink plenty of water to help cleanse the body. Take supplements that help cleanse the liver (milk thistle) and to support the stomach – probiotics, digestive enzymes and fermented foods – sauerkraut, miso etc.


Cheeks can be broken up into left and right.  The left cheek can be caused by over eating, stomach and simple things as dirty make up brushes. Whilst the right can be due to lack of sleep and stomach and lung problems.


Wash make-up brushes regularly, change pillow cases and for silly as it seems make sure you phone is clean. For problems internally again just focus on eating clean, eating lots of leafy greens and anti-inflammatory foods.


Breakouts here can be caused by constipation, bloating, digestion issues or imbalance and poor circulation.


Make sure you’re eating your healthy fats. Think avocado, salmon and chia seeds. If constipation is an issue try taking slippery elm in the morning to get the bowls moving. If your digestion is up the creek try Tully’s favourite gut healers or adding L-glutamine into your morning smoothies.


Again mouth has to do with your stomach. It can be linked to constipation, just poor absorption or eating foods that just don’t agree with your body.


Try eating mindfully and see what foods do and don’t agree with your body. Eat foods high in fibre to help eliminate all the kaka and foods that also help build up good bacteria in your stomach. Taking peppermint and ginger supplements can help ease inflammation in and around the stomach.

Chin & Jaw

This area can be a trouble area for most women because it’s to do with hormones and hormonal stress. It can indicate imbalance to do with your baby maker and what is and isn’t happening.


Always try and keep stress on your body to a minimum so that’s getting plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water, try meditation and breath work to stay grounded. Eat a diet high in vitamins and minerals, good healthy fats (fats need to be eaten so hormones can be produced and kept in check). Herbs to help the body adapt and de-stress are tulsi and ashwaganda.


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