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What is aquafaba..?

Are you keen to try the latest food trend on Pinterest and instagram? We’re not sure about this one but vegans rejoice because this one is for you.

acqua-faba-baking-300x300.jpg acquafaba-meringue-300x300.jpg

Looks delish doesn’t it. But that’s not real meringue and there’s no egg in those biscuits. What is this latest hero of the vegan and vegetarian world? Chickpea water aka aquafaba. Yup you heard right. You know the stuff in the can or after you soak your own beans.. well apparently it can be whipped into the perfect meringue and can be used to substitute egg in any recipe.

This definitely won’t be the latest superfood hero as it has little nutritional benefit but is a great substitute or any vegan baking.

So if you’re keen on giving this a crack hold off on pouring the water down the drain when you crack your next chickpea tin open and if you’re after some food inspirations using aquafaba and recipes check out pinterest because there’s loads.


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