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Weekend brunch personality test.. What’s your breakfast say about you

Whether you’re riding solo for breakfast or catching up for a girls brunch there’s always a ‘that type of person’ order. You think you know but what personality are you really to the people taking your order or to the people sitting around your table..


‘Yes’ person. Always on the go, always fully of energy.

Can’t say no.. Invited out with the girls but already have other plans locked in to have brunch with another group of friends. Don’t want to disappoint but also slight FOMO so have to make an appearance. After that have to get to The Tan to do a couple laps with another friend before coffee with that person and don’t be late because dinners at 7.


Social butterfly/stalker & think you’re healthy..

You’ve probably stalked this cafe for ages and finally you’ve made it. You’re sitting in your activewear but more then likely you haven’t worked out. Soon as your bowl arrives you whip out the iphone6 because if you don’t put this up on your insta did you even really eat there & how is everyone suppose to know you’re healthy AF right now.


Homebody/warm & kind/meat & 3 veg dinner

It’s the safe version of a sweet breakfast. You’re the soft more reserved one of the group. You know what you like and don’t like deviating from your comfort zone too much. Creature of habit. You like things basic and have no problems with that. Porridge with some fruit and yoghurt and you’re set for the day.


Fit with a goal in mind/Determined

You’re probably rocking a personal challenge to get the body right for a holiday or a certain event. You’ve been killing it with the workouts lately and don’t want to blow all your hard work. It’s the breakfast order with a little bit of an indulge but still keeping everything under control. Either add an egg for protein or have the bowl minus something.


Gym bunny/stylish/classy/sportluxe

You don’t miss a day of working out so you’ve earned this smashed avo with eggs. You workout so you can eat. You like the finer things in life and that’s why you don’t mind dropping $25 on a meal with 3 ingredients. You’ll be decked out with the latest leggings to drop, paired with fresh kicks and rocking a leather jacket. Girl got style.

Ricotta hotcakes

YOLO/Fun of the group

The vibrant one of the group who probably organised the brunch. It’s more about catching up with everyone. You order the meal that everyone else wants at the table but wouldn’t dare eating and you don’t give AF – YOLO. You want something I’m going to eat it attitude everyone envies you say you’ll hit the gym Monday but when Monday rolls around ‘yerr maybe no..’

All the sides

Fussy/High roller

Nothing on the menu takes your fancy because everything has bread and you’re very conscious of what carbs you eat. Don’t worry though because more then likely you’re rolling around in a european car and you’ll splash cash on breakky at $6 a side and don’t forget to add the house smoked salmon.

Big breakky & green juice

Party Animal/Never owned a gym membership

You’re the naturally thin one with the fast metabolism everyone secretly hates. You were out drinking all night and made it to breakky hungover. You only order the green juice to make it look like you’re semi healthy but you secretly think it tastes like sh*t. Give you a few hours though and you’ll be back for a good old Sunday sesh. Everyone else just hopes this all catches up with you later in life.



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