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VEGAN EGG | Matcha Mylkbar

Vegans rejoice. You can now go out for breakfast and say “Two poached eggs…” The folks behind Matcha Mylkbar have changed the world of breakfast for you. Opened last week in St. Kilda and already pumping out bowls, plates and smoothies  that are the epitome of forward thinking health and superfoods with the most instagram-able walls in town. 

The star of the menu (everything is actually a star in their own way –  eggplant meatballs are next level) is the vegan egg. Made out of 5 ingredients, the same nutritional profile as a ‘real’ egg the creators have gone up and beyond to ensure that this egg has the same texture, consistency and nutritional benefits as the real deal maybe even beyond.



Crack one open and sweet potato, linseed oil (healthy fats) and turmeric (amazing anti-inflammatory food) will ooze out of the yolk whilst the egg ‘white’  holds strong thanks to the almond milk and coconut milk.

Just like any balanced breakky load it up with healthy sides, everything at Matcha Mylkbar is vegetable based so you can easily get your veggie fix in one hit.

Vegans your life has definitely changed thanks to the folks at Matcha Mylkbar and for non-vegans these ‘eggs’ are definitely worth a try. We’re looking forward to making our way through menu and taking advantage of those photogenic walls.

Stalk the team at Matcha Mylkbar here or instagram here



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