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Upgraded Healthy Hot Chocolate

Everyone loves a hot chocolate especially when it’s cold outside. It hits the sweet spot in the afternoon as a pick me up or as a sweet treat after dinner. This healthy hot chocolate though you can have everyday.. seriously though and it will be loading your body with benefits too. 

We know you’re probably thinking this is too good to be true but we honestly make a version of this every night.


  • All natural 100% cacao  – 1 tablespoon
  • Stevia – or natural sweetener of your choice – we use the powder stevia and use 2 small scoops that they provide.
  • Milk – Whatever milk you have in the fridge it can be dairy or non-dairy. We do use almond milk. cover the cacao and stevia with just enough milk.. not too much.
  • Stir the base until it’s a thick paste like consistency.

Top up with hot water from the kettle.


That’s the basic version but if you’re feeling up to some added extra health benefits this is what powders we like to mix in with the base.

Reishi – Adaptogen that adapts to your body’s needs. In winter great for building up the immune system and help body detoxification

Cinnamon – Natual anti-inflammatory which will help with sore muscles and help you sleep better and loaded with anti oxidants.

Coconut oil – Loaded with good fats that can make you feel full and research suggests help remove abdominal fat.

Peppermint natural essence – Taste like a chocolate mint but it’s good for you – mint helps with digestion in your body and soothes a sore stomach.



Pic via organic authority.

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