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The Trendiest Workout In LA..

This could be the healthiest workout in the world but the added bonus is that it’s actually fun. Lekfit in LA has kick started the craze of ‘rebounding‘ with bounce studios popping up as far as Hong Kong. It’s the favourite amongst celebs (you just have to check out their insta story to see how popular it is) we had no idea what it was but by the end sweat was dripping and you can feel the burn in your glutes. 

Anxiety is high when you walk into a class and you have no idea but Lauren Kleban the founder of Lekfit is super welcoming and has a body that makes you jealous. The class itself is dance inspired with lots of jumping around and bouncing, on the floor and on the tramp. Throw in some ankle weights and hand held weights for some muscle sculpting and that’s the class in a nutshell. Sound easy but it’s not – you definitely work up a sweat but the health benefits of this workout are beyond.

Why is bouncing so good..

Increased Lymphatic Flow – Rebounding is a way of increasing the lymphatic flow in the body. Why’s that good? It basically takes out and filters all the toxins & sh*t that have built up in your body and boost your immune system. Many alternative therapies now encourage people to take up rebounding 10-15 minutes a day.

Detoxification – With a more efficient lymph system comes high detoxification levels – drink plenty of water to make sure you’re flushing the toxins out.

Increased bone density – Running and HIIT training puts massive strain on your body. Rebounding is a low impact workout that actually builds up bone density with an increased G force on the bones helping prevent things like osteoporosis.

Cardio workout – You might not think it but rebounding, jumping, high knees on the tramp is more efficient then jogging when it comes to cardio fitness and weight loss according to NASA who use rebounding as a technique to recondition astronauts body’s after space to prevent muscle and bone loss.

Lauren Kleban bouncing: Image from Instagram

A sign of any good workout is a good sweat, fun and wanting to go back. After the first session at Lekfit we’re already planning how many sessions we can fit in in the next couple of weeks.



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