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TRAVELLING + 5 ways to load up on greens

Some people find it hard to travel and keep up their healthy way of eating. The best way we find to stay fit and well when travelling is to load up on your greens. Greens nourish the body, are loaded with antioxidants and are also alkalising which help bring back the balance to our body. 5 ways to keep up those greens when you’re travelling..

1. Kick off in the mornings if you’re at a breakfast buffet always opt to have some greens on your plate whether it wilted spinach or a build your own omelette. Load up on greens and protein at the same time and you will be fuller for longer.

2. Green juice – It’s pretty easy to find a juice bar that you can build or own juices some of the best greens in a juice: Celery, Spinach, cucumber, mint, parsley and lime.

3. Dinner or lunch always opt for a side of greens. Salad or veggies – either all. They will both be doing you and your bod a favour just hold the butter or oil.

Next two are travel essentials especially if you’re going to some foreign countries where the food might be a bit different and you don’t know what to expect.

4. Vital just greens – every teaspoon of this you will be getting a dose of spirulina, kale, broccoli, barley grass and more. It’s low fructose for all those travellers on a FODMAP diet and also vegan friendly, organic, gluten free etc.


5. Chlorophyll – a green superfood it’s loaded with iron, vitamin, b12, C and E. You can dose up on this in tablets, powder or even pre-made drinks. Handy tip it will also do your skin the world of good!

Stay well and don’t forget to sweat it out when you land.


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