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TOP 5 | yoga poses for winter

Taking it down a few notches but still making sure you move a little bit everyday this winter. Doesn’t have to be high intensity sometimes all you want is to stay in, keep warm, do a few stretches and have a giant mug of tea and we’re with you on that. Here’s 5 postures that will help keep you warm, detox the body and balance those hormones this winter. Nourish you from the inside out to #fightthefreeze.

Child’s pose – Restorative posture and helps bring you back to present. Relieves stress, lengthens the spine and if you do it with your knees wide apart and toes together it’s a great hip opener.

Wind removing pose – Stimulates the organs and helps improve digestion and the digestive system. Find out why your digestion is so, so important to your health and immunity here.

Bow pose – Opens the throat, heart, chest and lungs and helps to get rid of any phlegm that might be sitting around on the chest and throat after a nasty cold or flu.

Plough pose – Inversions during winter will help kick start the lymphatic system (the boss of your immunity) and get things moving which will help remove any toxins building up in the body.

Reclining twist pose – Compression on the internal organs then when you release the posture all that blood flow into the area gets toxins moving helping detoxify the body and improving your digestive system.

Keep on moving, drink plenty of water to remove any toxins and eat well.

Stay well.


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