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My top 4 ways to recover from intense workouts.

I work out a lot and some would think I am crazy and yeah maybe I am.. however I do love working out.  I love the feeling post a really hard sweat sesh. I Love HIIT training, boxing and cycle for my intense workout days.  You could imagine how sore my muscles get. I feel like in winter they get super tight and sore. Which is why I am giving you all my favorite tips to muscle recovery + muscle soreness this winter.


  1. Foam Rolling

Every morning before I work out I jump on my foal roller for about 5 mins now I have a love hate relationship with that thing – it’s like that good satisfying pain.

Foam rolling will also help prepare your muscles for a workout ahead and also help with the post muscle recovery. Foam rolling offers so many amazing benefits it can help reduce inflammation, scar tissue and joint stress as well as improved circulation and improved flexibility. If I feel like I have had a killer session and pull up a little sore I will also foam roll after – actually I highly recommend doing this as well as before you work out!


  1. Osteo every 2-3 weeks

I schedule in an appointment at least 1 – 2 times per month. I cannot stress to you enough how much seeing an osteo has helped me maintain a healthy body. If you are not familiar in what an osteopath does they will focus on the joints, muscles and spine. Again sometimes this can be a little painful depending on where you are holding soreness or tension. but could not recommend them more.

*If you live in Melbourne I go to Jason In middle park (he is amazing)  The link for info and booking is below:


  1. Magnesium

I know I don’t get enough magnesium from my diet so I take magnesium supplements or powder to help with muscle recovery. I take magnesium powder from Bioceuticals which not only assists with sleeping but is a critical supplement to help speed up recovery. By incorporating magnesium into your diet it will help you improve muscle function as well as maintain electrolyte balance and reduce fatigue.


  1. Sauna

For me a sauna feels really good for my body and muscle recovery I always come out with a lot less tension, it’s always great for muscle recovery and going into my next work out without pulling up sore and getting injured.


Let us know what your favourite way’s are for recovery?


Written By: Tully Humphrey



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