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TOP 10 Melbourne coffee’s

You know you’re from Melbourne when you actually drive out of your way to get a good latte. Coffee and Melbourne go together, they just do. We’re coffee snobs and we’re don’t just settle for an ordinary coffee.  A good coffee in the am post workout or in-between workouts can make or break a day for you. 4 things make our coffee (small, strong, soy, flat white, take-away by the way)

1. Good beans (flavour, flave and if they’re burnt just toss the cup straight away and don’t ruin your day even more)
2. A good barista (friendly, know your order, know how to handle a machine and don’t crack under pressure with a line 10 deep)
3. Quality milk (our choice is soy and always, always bonsoy).
4. The froth at the bottom of the cup at the end (not proper coffee etiquette but grab a spoon and you won’t regret it)

These cafe’s are worth driving out of your way if you’re fussy about your brew.

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