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Tully Lou and Stylerunner both launched a few years back around the same time and since the beginning the Stylerunner team have been massive supporters of the Tully Lou brand and even greater personal career mentors. Since then both teams have taken on the world, hustled and followed our same, same but different dreams to grow, design and inspire others to train, workout and sweat in style. 

Loving the stylesquad and their eye for sportsluxe style we developed an exclusive range of TL products and colour ways only available online at

To celebrate the launch of both The Upstate and the exclusive SR range we took our favourite yin and yang workout YOXING to Sydney locals. With the help of Stylerunner, Flow Athletic and legend, babe and pro boxer Lauryn Eagle we broke a serious sweat with the fit clique of Sydney in a HIIT boxing session followed up by a chilled out restorative yoga flow by our designer Tully Humphrey.

Was a fun and fit way to kick off a Tuesday morning in the harbour city, a great team, amazing food (The farm wholefoods, Potts Point – delicious!) and we look forward to spending more time north of the border and killing some more workouts.

IMG_2905 IMG_2902

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