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TL favourites | How do they spend X-Mas day?

Christmas is an amazing time of year. It’s a time to celebrate with friends, family, sit back, reflect on life and take joy in the small things. We sussed out what some of our fav TL girls and health and wellness crew will be doing on Christmas day – what it means to them and any Christmas traditions that they’re looking forward to. 

Kirsty McLeanBody clarity

I love Christmas as there is such a beautiful energy in the air! To me it means being with my family and friends and coming together for a fun day filled with amazing food, chats and laughs. It also reiterates how grateful I am for what I have and how thankful I am for those people in my life.

Being half Italian and our Christmas is spent with the Italian and Ozzie sides combined, we sing Christmas carols first in English, then in Italian and Nonna gets out the accordion.

Mum has recently introduced Karaoke, which is very interesting hearing an Italian 60 year old women singing ‘Smells Like Team Spirit’ with a huge accent as the top of her lungs.. ha ha!


Sarah HollowayMatcha Maiden

To us, Christmas means family – both the one you’re born with and the one you choose for yourself. It’s that one time of year when everyone slows down a bit to spend time with the people they love most and just appreciate and enjoy each other’s company, whether it be over a BBQ, a traditional dinner, or however you choose to be together. Of course, there are always presents too, which is always a bit exciting. Christmas always makes me think of hot days, turkey dinners, exploding bon bons and lots of love.

Our only tradition is to spend it together. No matter where we all are in the world, we’ll find a way to enjoy Christmas as a family. That’s meant we have celebrated it later or earlier a few times and have had it here (with my family), Tassie (with Nic’s), in Paris, London, and elsewhere a few times too. It’s never the same affair but always involves spending time with each other

Natalie WarnerGreene St. Juice Co

A celebration of gratitude for the things that actually matter most – time with family and friends, love and good vibes, the joy of giving and receiving, reflecting on the year that was and the abundance of the season (heart full of love and belly full of food!)

Tuning into the Carols broadcast on Xmas Eve and Mum ALWAYS over caters on Xmas Day : – )

Em Gillies – Model

So… Christmas is a big deal for my family. I always come home for Christmas. We have a brunch in Christmas morning (as well as extended family for lunch) the brunch is just the close family and my mum always makes this egg and caviar tart. It’s so good and we only have it at christmas time.

Tully Lou - The Bronx Top

Kylie Gulliver Elliott Label

Christmas is a time for me to switch off from work and become “offline”- I rare luxury in today’s crazy online world! It’s a time to spend with my family and close friends and appreciate how lucky I am to have everyone and everything that I do, a time I can give a little something back to these people and spend the day letting them know how grateful I am!

A typical Christmas in my family usually starts with going to see Christmas lights a few nights before, decorating a real tree @ & making a ginger bread house  then the days starts with present opening in the morning first up and then food prep and family lunch! If it’s a hot day we are in the pool! Merry Christmas & happy & healthy holidays!!!!!


Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope you have an amazing day filled with lots of love, laughter and good food.

Stay well.



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