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Time off.. 5 things to do now

End of the year, energy levels are low and more then likely you haven’t been moving and sweating much last few days. We tend to neglect the things that make us feel like ‘us’ as the year drags on so this is the perfect time to get back into feeling like you again. Don’t get caught up in feeling a little bla make the most of your time off to refresh and recharge your batteries for a bigger and better year ahead. We’ve got a whole list of things to do to perk you up at the end of the year. 

  1. Do something you’ve been missing – Everyone has something that makes them feel recharged and more like themselves it could be getting back into your yoga practice, baking whatever makes you feel good go do it in your time off.
  2. Visit family – During the year you probably only see if the family on the off occasion. Go out and spend some quality time with loved ones – do something together that creates some amazing memories they always seem to make you feel more grounded.
  3. Take some time out each day for youMeditation. Spend time with yourself each day and bring the focus back on you and your breath. It not only calms the whole body which has amazing benefits like better sleep and balancing hormones but it makes you a happier, calmer more content person.
  4. Do something you’ve never done before – We all have something at the start of every year we say we are going to do whether it’s a particular fitness class, a special hike or jumping out of a plane. Cease the moment and tick something off your list.
  5. Read a book – When was the last time you read a good book? We can’t seem to remember either. So this is also on our list. Find a good book (one of our favs is the the alchemist) find a nice sunny spot and dive right in.

Enjoy your time off. Rejuvenate, bring back the balance to your life and always do things with a grateful heart.


[photo cred: chalkboard mag]

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