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The new power nutrient | RESISTANT STARCH

No need to pass on the potato salad at the next BBQ. Potatoes, grains, beans etc get a bad wrap for being heavy handed on the waistline but don’t stop eating these bad boys just yet. These ‘carby’ foods are loaded with the ‘new’ fibre – resistant starch. The benefits of RS and your health go up a few notches when these foods are cooked then cooled. RS will boost your gut bacteria, help burn fat and amp up your immunity. 

What’s the down low on resistant starch?

Food loaded with RS passes through the stomach and small intestine untouched to the large intestine and eventually ending up at the colon where it feeds the good bacteria in the gut. In the colon it balances pH levels helping reduce any inflammation in the lower digestive system. It has a positive effect on our waistlines helping burn fat, increasing feeling of fullness and satiety and balancing insulin levels in a similar way to fibre.

Foods high in resistant starch

Food Resistant Starch (per 100 g)
Potato sliced, boiled and cooled 0.8 g
Potato, steamed, cooled 6 g
Potato, roasted, cooled 19 g
Cashew nuts 13 g
Bananas, green 38 g
Bananas, ripe 5 g
Oats, cooked 0.2 g
Oats, rolled, uncooked 11 g
White beans, cooked/canned 4 g
Lentils, cooked 3 g



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