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Free radicals, anti-oxidants, biodynamic..say whaaat?! Have no idea what these words actually mean or even do?! Don’t fret the TL team have taken some of the most thrown around health terms and broken them down so next time you’re reading a label or having a convo at your local health food shop you’ll be all over it.

We keep reading and hearing that all these superfoods have so much of this and that mineral and they do this in your body but what do all these words actually mean. Here’s the TL teams superfood dictionary for all to enjoy.

Superfood – Lets be frank peeps there seems to be a new superfood popping up every week. Put simple a superfood is a nutrient dense food high in anti-oxidants that is good for your health and well being. A food that is packed full of truckloads of goodness.

Free radicals – Not so rad at all. When oxygen mixes up with certain molecules in the body these dudes form. Free radicals are linked to certain diseases e.g. cancer + heart disease.

Anti-oxidants – anti whaat? anti-oxidants are the parts of foods that help fight those bad boys called free radicals. The more anti-oxidants the more fight. Bang.

Vitamin –  Made by plants or animals vits are nutrients that our body needs to make everything work properly. Two types – water soluble or fat soluble. BUT most vitamins our body can’t make so we have to get it through what we eat and drink aka plants and other animals.

Mineral – Minerals come from soil and water – they can’t be made by living things like us or plants. So how do we get them? Minerals are taken and absorbed by plants or eaten by animals and then we get them through what we eat. They are two types – macro minerals (need more of these bad boys e.g. calcium, potassium, magnesium) and trace minerals (only need smaller amounts (think iodine,zinc, selenium).

**Both vitamins and mins boost the immune system keeping us nice and healthy are great for growing bodies and help out every little bit of your body (cells, organs etc etc) do their jobs properly.

OrganicThe soil used to grow or produce the food is free of any pesticides or GMO’S. They don’t feed the soil with anything it’s just the way the soil is naturally. No sprays. Nothing. Nada. All natural.

BiodynamicSame as organic where no pesticides or GMO’S are used to produce foods but the difference is biodynamic feeds the soil with specific natural nutrients and minerals to make the soil super healthy. Basically it’s naturopathy for soil! Crazy. This means that when you eat these foods your body is getting dosed up with the most minerals possible.

**See connection with vitamins and minerals and the old saying you are what you eat?!

GMO’S Taking one living thing and inserting it with something from another living thing basically. Changing something’s natural state to get a certain trait or characteristic. Why they do this?! Generally farmers do it so they can spray crops without killing them or so the crops can actually produce it’s own pesticide.

Got any questions on any vitamins, minerals or which foods are loaded with what!? Hit us up and we’ll try and help you out.

Happy week all.

Eat well, move, and laugh.


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