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Take 5 | Melissa Whitelaw

Not only is Melissa Whitelaw absolutely beautiful to look at she is also an amazing person. Real, raw and authentic we love everything about this young talented Aussie. Her voice is phenomenal (our dream is to hear her live), she owns her style, she loves to workout and preaches all things health and balance. 

We took some time out to find out a little bit more about one of our favourite people..

Being healthy to me is.. doing everything in your power to be grateful for your body. Nourishing yourself, getting adequate sleep and getting your heart rate up everyday. Health is not all green juice and chia seeds, to me, it is a form of self love and appreciation.

3 words to describe me are… self-motivated, bubbly & goofy!

First thing I do when I wake up is…cleanse and moisturise my face.

My go to daily go to breakfast is… organic rolled oats with almond milk, banana and chia seeds.

The best healthy hangout spots in Sydney at the moment… Never been one to stick to any certain spots, I have a lot of special dietary requirements so I almost always have my own food prepared. I have recently fallen in love with Grill’d though, amazing alternative to a naughty burger. They do a gluten free superbun that has less calories than a sushi roll!

3 things always in my fridge are… lactose free milk, fresh blueberries, carrots (forever snacking on carrot sticks!)

Strange wellness habit.. I drink metamucil every morning and night to help cleanse my system.. is that strange? haha

At least once a week I cook.. thai green curry. Light coconut milk, chicken breast and stacks of green veggies. I LOVE it!

If I was a superfood I’d be… oats! (they say you are what you eat)

Morning or afternoon workout? Always afternoon, I personally find if I workout in the morning I am very drained for the rest of the day. I am usually up very early for uni or work anyway so it just fits better into my lifestyle to workout in the afternoon.

Favourite(s) way to sweat? Running and aerobic dance classes.

melissa whitelaw workout

[post YOXING sweat session]

Songs on repeat on my workout playlist.. End of time by Beyonce, My songs know what you did in the dark by Fallout Boy, Black skinhead by Kanye West.

3 things always in my gym bag.. Water, skipping rope, headphones.

Gym to street style tip? Invest in a cool all black cap.. that way you can hide your sweaty hair from the world and still look chic. Pays to buy good quality gym gear, you will always feel better in matching getup!

The best things in life are.. the little things. Nothing makes me happier than a long Sunday morning walk and coffee with friends. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle bustle of day-to day life but at the end of the day, give me some fresh air and the company of the people I love and i’m a happy girl.

Legend. Make sure you check out Melissa’s instagram account here.




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