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Take 5 | EAT FIT FOOD and girl boss Bianca Monley

Vego, vegan, paleo? No problems. EAT FIT FOOD have you all covered. Healthy, fresh, convenient and full of flavour EAT FIT FOOD is the healthy meal delivery service fresh daily to a place convenient for you in and around both Melbourne and Sydney. No wonder celebs like Deltra Goodream, Hugh Jack and the Klim family have been all over this little gem. We sat down with EAT FIT FOOD founder and girl boss Bianca Monley to see what a typical day on a plate looks like for her and what’s the next venture for EAT FIT FOOD.

Loaded with whole foods EAT FIT FOOD caters for busy people and people in general who are time poor but still want to eat well and nourish their body or just for an overall increase in health and wellness. They provide several menu options such as cleanse, clean and lean and healthy eating all whilst catering for all dietary requirements. We were lucky enough to hang out with founder Bianca Monley to see how she started up the organisation and to suss out her favourite ways to sweat.

What was your incentive to start up Eat fit food?

EAT FIT FOOD was set up out of a passionate belief in the benefits of eating well – even for people with a busy schedule! My goal was to educate people that eating well can be an enjoyable part of everyday not something we do on and off. So we can live every day with more energy, motivation and get the most out of life.Out latest venture is Eat Fit Farm, where we are growing organic produce to provide the farm to fork experience for our Eat Fit Food clients.

How does it work?

Our nutritionally balanced meals are delivered FRESH DAILY.  We offer a variety of programs to cleanse, eat healthy or transform your life through food over 6 weeks with the help of our fitness expert and nutritionist by your side.


Who do you guys cater for?

Busy individuals & corporates in both Sydney and Melbourne with plans to expand nationwide in the near future. Programs launching this year will target specific health issues like Diabetes and Infertility.

What is your health philosophy?

LIVE and LAUGH everyday. ENJOY your food and make healthy eating a wonderful part of your everyday. Eat locally as mother nature intended, fresh unprocessed foods. MOVE everyday doing something you love.

Favourite ways to sweat?

Boxing for the natural high and running for allowing me the ability to meditate and process the hectic day to day decisions.

What does a typical day on a plate look like for you?

Eat Fit Food most days. I also love to cook and enjoy my time at the farm sourcing meats from our neighbours and picking whatever is growing on the garden to go along side it. An example, Beet fillet with celeriac, kipfler mash, garden green peas + rainbow chard.


Favourite recipe from EAT FIT FOOD menu?

Mole poblano chicken with cauliflower rice, cashew sour cream and tomato salsa

Best advice you’ve ever received?

…about love  Be with someone who make your feel happy, loved and alive everyday single day.

…about work/career  Work hard and never ever give up on your dreams, persistence and doing what you love will only bring you happiness.

…about life Always look at things in a positive light, the harder you fall the higher you bounce.

Check out EAT FIT FOOD here, give them the thumbs up on Facebook  or double tap them on Instagram.

Eat well and nourish your body.


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