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Find likeminded people, find your clique and we’ve found one just as crazy as us in Ariel Kaplan. If you think you have a friend who is an energiser bunny they’ve got nothing on Ariel. Talented actress playing Imogen Willis on Neighbours, fitness fanatic, vegan she always finds time to squeeze in a workout. Check out what fuels this pocket rocket first thing in the morning and what’s on the cards for 2016.

Healthy to me is.. finding whatever makes you feel vibrant, alive and at your best, and sticking to it!

First thing I do when I wake up is.. Check my phone.

Go to breakfast.. Oats with goji berries, raisins, shredded coconut and peanut butter. EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.

When I’m filming long days I always.. Wake up super early before work to get my work out in.

Favourite ways to workout are.. EVERYTHING. I do a combination of circuit training, kettlebell work, HIIT, boxing, running and cycle.

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Strange wellness habit.. Probably the fact that I exercise an insane amount. Twice a day everyday. What can I say? I’m obsessed.

If I was a superfood I’d be..Sweet potato.

3 things people might not know about me are.. 

– I did Distance Education for Years 10,11,12.

– I’m a complete home-body. I’m known as the Grandma amongst my friends. I hate going out because it means I can’t be in bed by 9pm.

– I’m obsessed with eyebrows. It’s abnormal.

At least once a week told off by my boyfriend for not taking a rest day. Hehe.

Best advice I’ve ever been given is.. Comparison is the thief of joy.

In 2016 I am going to.. start a whole new chapter of my life. Including moving overseas, jumping back into auditions and hopefully becoming a fully qualified PT.

The best things in life are.. snuggles in bed when it’s cold outside, oats with peanut butter, belly laughs, netflix binge watching, family holidays and a kick-ass workout.

Take a sneak peak into Ari’s world via her instagram @arielerinkaplan you’ll see some serious fitness goals here.

Enjoy TL + TEAM X

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