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SUPPLEMENTS || What Are You Really Putting In Your Body?

Unethical practices occurring in the health/fitness industry.

Q+A – With Ricky Feldman Founder Pure Lean Nutrition

Now I have to admit I am not very supplement savvy + I don’t know about you but shopping for supplements can be so overwhelming even for someone like me who lives and breaths health and fitness.

I decided to sit down with Ricky Feldman from Pure Lean Nutrition who believes in vegan/vegetarian friendly products sourced from natural materials to give us the lowdown on what you are actually putting in that bod of yours.

What I love about Ricky and Pure Lean Nutrition is how passionate he is to spread awareness and help to inform the public of the unethical practices occurring in the health/fitness industry.

To read more check out our Q + A for the lowdown.

1.Little background on yourself and what you do!?

 Probably the first thing you should know about me is that I was very active kid growing up. However, I struggled to put on any muscle despite going to the gym and investing in a personal trainer. It was only after talking with my uncle (who was heavily into health & fitness) that I discovered the important role diet and supplements played in body transformation. As my body began to change, I started to become fascinated with health, fitness and nutrition. I began studying nutrition and whilst working a full-time job in accounting, I also starting researching supplements. I eventually started my own supplement company, Pure Lean Nutrition in 2012, which I run today.


2.Why did you start a supplement company?

 There were a number of reasons Tully. Originally, I was selling supplements for another company (which shall not be named!) and I couldn’t shake the feeling that the products I was selling weren’t representative of the ingredients used to create them. I also had a lot of digestive issues with supplements I was taking at the time. I went around the world studying and researching supplement manufactories and suppliers. Through my travels, I discovered that the source of my digestive issues derived from the unnatural materials and fillers used in many supplements. I knew what I had to do. I invested in sourcing clean natural ingredients and employed a food scientist to help formulate, research and develop the 50 plus products Pure Lean Nutrition offers today.


3.There are so many protein powders on the market + can be a little overwhelming, you have just launched your pea protein blend (The chai is my fav!) if I was a first-time protein user why would I purchase your blend?

I agree Tully, the vanilla chai is one of my favorites too! Our pea protein is a plant based natural protein powder which is lactose and gluten free. Like all of our products, the ingredients are 100% natural (Canadian peas in this case)  and are tested in a government approved Australian laboratory and manufactured in Melbourne to ensure they are safe and healthy. We also don’t add any sugar or artificial sweeteners, we use a natural plant based sugar to help sweeten the taste. It’s healthy, beneficial for your body and tastes great, what more could you want!


4. Me being in the health and wellness industry and I am pretty aware of the hidden nasties in a lot of ‘health food’ products that claim to be good for you but are really not! Does this happen within the supplement industry?

Unfortunately it does and it’s getting worse. Most big brands in the supplement industry use fillers and binders in their products to help reduce costs, they also don’t test their ingredients for heavy metals and other contaminants. Many claim to be “Organic” but potentially these products could be worse for you than conventional supplements as they may not be certified organic. Without proper certification, pesticides may be used in the raw materials and they may contain toxic heavy metals from poor overseas conditions. Finally, many supplement companies use duck feathers and human hairs as an amino acid base instead of plants! Needless to say, these things are horrible for your digestive system in the long term and it’s why I’m so passionate about what I do. People deserve better!


5.What are the benefits of taking Pea Protein?

Pea protein is a great supplement to help increase your protein intake. It can help with sugar cravings and keep your stomach full so you don’t want to cheat on your diet. It is also used to support recovery and repair and build lean muscles after a workout session. Pea protein is also great for people who are vegan or vegetarian who don’t get enough protein in their diet and for anyone who is lactose or gluten intolerant.


6.When shopping for protein or any other supplements what should I be looking out for?

 Look for where the protein is derived from and made. There are a lot of companies selling and importing cheap proteins which use nasty fillers and other unnecessary additives to help achieve their cheap cost. Always check to see if the products are vegetarian friendly, if they’re not, there is a chance they’ve used duck feathers/human hairs as an amino acid base to formulate the product. Another key point to check is the ingredients list and the percentage per 100 grams of protein/carbohydrates or fat. Some overseas companies only list per serve of total ingredients, which may make the macro amounts seem higher or lower than you think. Finally, check to see if the ingredients have been tested in Australia. Many companies import ingredients sourced from low quality soils and don’t check the ingredients for heavy metals and other contaminants.


7.I have to admit I am a little bit of a rookie when it comes to supplements. If I am pretty active woman. What supplements should I ideally be introducing?

 For beginners, I suggest a Hydrolszed or whey protein isolate which easily digests in your body. It’s basically a protein that absorbs quickly into the blood stream helping you avoid all those horrible trips to the bathroom and other bodily inconveniences you can suffer when consuming cheaper proteins that contain lactose. Another supplement that is extremely beneficial to anyone active is L-glutamine.  L-glutamine helps make those muscles that are usually sore after a workout feel better. It does this by aiding the body in muscle repair and recovery. Naturopaths actually recommend glutamine for anyone wanting to get their digestive system back to normal and it’s also great for your immune system.


8.What is your favorite way to take protein powder!?

 I usually mix my lean protein powder with oats to have first thing in the morning for breakfast or I have my chocolate NZ grass fed whey protein isolate with plain Greek yoghurt before bed. The Greek yoghurt is really good for increasing your metabolism and creates a healthy stomach with all the amazing probiotic properties plain yoghurt contains. Also, it is like having a cheat meal as it takes like a chocolate mousse but has so many benefits at the same time.

Check out Ricky’s latest youtube video to hear more. Link below.

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