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Superfood trending right now

There is a new superfood milk on the block. Move over almond ‘mylk’ and every other nut milk alternative this new coffee hero has a unique protein and is 4 time more nutritious then your ordinary dairy milk hit.

Want to make your morning latte supercharged or just want a dairy alternative – no problems just ask  your barista for the new superfood hero – cockroach milk. Not even joking but kind of wish we were.

Research crew in India have recently studied and found this unique protein in the milk of cockroaches (the pacific beetle to be exact). This special cockroach is the only one that gives birth to live young and when ‘milked’  has a unique combination of proteins, fats & carbs that contains all essential amino acids.

Don’t think we’ll be substituting our soy milk in our morning lattes just for now but maybe if they ever find a unicorn milk we just might. Seriously what kind of milk will they be thinking of next..

Researchers admitted that it is difficult process milking the cockroach but are looking into how this unique protein could possible be used as a protein supplement in the future.. who knows cockroach could be in your next protein ball for an afternoon pick me up.


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