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SPRING CARNIVAL | 7 healthy tips + tricks

We are definitely not one to say no to the odd drink. Life is about balance and sometimes it’s good to go out and kick back a little. Check out how to have the healthiest of spring carnivals the TL TEAM way. 

  1. Morning exercise – Before the day even begins get up and sweat. Go for a run, do a HIIT session. Get the sweat dripping.
  2. Eat breakfast – No one wants to be the person who is gone before midday. Make sure you have a good hearty breakfast include carbs, fat and protein to set you up for the day.
  3. Mary’s thistle – It’s a herbal supplement that detoxifies and protects the liver so if you’re thinking of having a few drinks take a couple of these before hand.
  4. 1:1 – Alcohol dehydrates the body and that’s one of the major causes of hangovers the next day so make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day.
  5. Prepare your own food – You have to make sure you eat when you’re at the races and if chips and fast food doesn’t float your boat some easy packing food ideas are rice paper rolls, zucchini slice and if you have a sweet tooth some of our raw caramel balls.
  6. Activated charcoal – Before you hit bed and call it a day after take some more mary’s thistle and some activated charcoal which will help remove and absorb any toxins in the body.
  7. Play hard work hard – If you’re going to let your hair down don’t skip the workout session the next day. Get outside, get some fresh air and get moving.


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