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SPRING | 4 tips to welcome back the sun

Spring has sprung and we could not be happier – fresh mowed grass, warmer days, longer nights – heaven. Also known as detox season – clearing out and cleaning up. Soon as old mate sun who has been on a hiatus for 3 months comes back we’re all happier, motivated, back on the fitness bandwagon and getting bikini body ready. Here are our 4 tips to saying goodbye to winter and holã, welcome back spring. 

  • Clean out the closet – Not only a time to detox the mind and body it’s also time to clear out the closet. Sounds pretty basic but de-cluttering the cupboards also helps de-clutter the mind. Get a bag put on some RnB and start clearing out.
  • Sweat – The sun starts to shine so its time to get back outside get some Vitamin D and crack a sweat. Natural detoxifier for the body sweating will help you clean out toxins that have built up during the colder months on the couch.
  • Eat your greens – There’s a reason a whole heap of greens come into season during spring they are all loaded with antioxidants and natural detoxifiers for the body and the liver. They help clear out all the unwanted winter gains. Get a bowl – roast, steam + raw – load up and you will be feeling lighter and clearer in no time.
  • Meditate – Easy to get lost in the fast pace of life and forget to set some time out everyday for you – work, trying to fit in every social event, workouts plus the rest. Spring is the perfect time to come back to practicing regular meditation. Take some time out for some quiet time and focusing on your breath (breathing is also a natural detoxifier) even 5 minutes a day and you will be feeling totally OM and peaceful in no time.

Happy detox season.

TL + Team X

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