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Spotted rockin' their TL's

Eye spy with my little eye Tully Lou rockin’ the bods of these massive babes strutting their stuff. Take a sneak peak at who has been spotted + how they rock their TL’s. From Australia, to the UK and why not throw in some Latino just for a little bit of flavour flave.

7Hip + healthy UK spreading some TULLY LOU love in the land of the royal family with one of the Queens of healthy eats Deliciously Ella   planking in style @deliciouslyella.



1Still hanging out in London town is our girl @tanya_ashara getting ready to smash her Wednesday workout. Pushing out some squats in her parna pants. Spot on girl.

2“The void can not be more than your will” @mia_astral  lifting weights and lifting our spirits with her wise words.


3Double the fun when your upside down. @the_fitway showing us some serious shoulder strength teaming up with her TL parna pants after a power vinyasa class.


5Open your heart and let it shine @frankieholah loving her camel pose and this epic back bend as much as we do on this killer rooftop.


6Don’t mess with our girl @juliewhliu looking fierce with her bow and arrow. Having some fun with some archery. We totally dig this.


8@timtamfit we love spotting you strutting TL. So fit. So fierce. Go get them.

TL girls definitely know how to move and sweat and do it in style.

Stay well, move, bend, stretch and don’t forget to laugh.


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