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SPINNING | join the revolution

We’ve been spinning day, night and have become slightly obsessed with the newly opening KX cycle studio in Richmond. 3121 represent. Why spin KX style? It’s a full body workout. Fitter, stronger, we ride, we grind all to some serious beats that keep us wanting more. It’s a spin class, upper body + core work out (hello hand weights) and is our favourite way to #fightthefreeze.

3 reasons to start spinning

1. Decrease body fat + better fitness

It’s a serious 45-minute full throttle cardio sesh, your legs never stop spinning so more total time exercising without rest. Whether you’re upping the resistance and climbing a mountain or sprinting before taking it down a few notches and rolling out the legs before another hardcore effort – don’t turn down the dial because this is where the serious benefits happen.

Why interval? You do more total time exercising and more periods of high intensity bouts, which will improve your body’s overall ability to deal with longer and stronger periods of exercise plus it will also burn fat more efficiently.

2. Increased strength

Those boughts of upping you’re resistance and climbing mountains work on increasing the strength and power in your legs but just when you think that’s it –hello hand weights. While you’re still spinning you’ll be working the shoulders, biceps, triceps and core making this the perfect full body workout. Just remember you’re in charge of your dial – the more you challenge yourself and push your limits the more benefits you’ll get.

3. Decreased stress levels

Music, sweating and exercise will all release some serious endorphins (happy hormones) which decreases your body’s stress levels so you’re less likely to get sick in winter if you’re body is less stressed and you’ll more then likely sleep better too.

Come join the TL TEAM + KX cycle for our first ever Spinflow event on June 27th. We rise + spin followed up by getting down with a vinyasa flow. Spin, sweat, sing, grind, ride and bend with us. Tickets + more information here.

Move, sweat + eat well.

TL + Team X

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