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Is your sneaker obsession ruining your feet?

The sportluxe trend of rocking your sneakers 24/7 may be putting your feet at more risk then you know. 

Victoria Beckham traded her high heels in for the sneaker life and every designer is collaborating to bring out the next pair of yeezy’s so why is the life of flat soles and comfy feet bad for us?

Foot issues aren’t so much about what shoes you are wearing more about how much you are wearing them. Living solely in your favourite flats and unsupportive sneakers can do just as much damage and wear and tear on your peds as your favourite high heels.

Many people place themselves at risk of painful things like inflammation, tendonitis, pinched nerves and stress on their feet because they want to wear a minimalist, unsupportive shoes. Over time the lack of cushioning, support and stability in a minimalist shoe can lead to painful overuse injuries.

The solution? Mix up your footwear and invest in some shoes that are supportive for your sole.


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