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What the best trainers & instructors actually have for breakfast

You see them breaking a sweat and having dream boat bodies but what do the best trainers and instructors actually eat to get that rig? We took some of the best trainers in town and asked them to snap their breakkies and this is what we found..


F45 Port Melbourne & South Yarra



When: Post workout around 8am when the muscles are craving protein, wouldn’t even bother with a protein shake if you can eat this within 30 minutes of your workout.
What: Salmon & Goats Cheese Frittata from SOS café with a herb dressing a cherry tomatoes.

This is perfect for me as it’s a high protein, low carb breakfast complete with good fats. It tastes delicious & keeps me lean.





When: Post workout about 8:30 am I make sure I give my body and brain the fuel the need it needs for the day.

What: The last few months I have changed the way I eat breakkie. I make sure my plate is full of protein, good fats, a little carbs + greens to keep me feeling energised for the morning. My go to at the moment is eggs, avo, spinach, quinoa and halloumi – Delish!”



Head of ride at BODHI & RIDE & Smoothie & snack bar Lains & Co.


When: Post workout. I always have a big green smoothie after my Ride Class (630am- 7:15)…so I’ll have it anywhere between then and 8am!

What: I wake up so early that I don’t really feel like a heavy meal, so green smoothies pack a lot of nutrition into my morning. A typical smoothie for me consists of: 1 cup of nut mylk, a few scoops of prana on plant Based Protein, banana, a handful of berries loaded with anti-oxidants,  (A LOT OF) spinach or kale and flax & chia seeds.  It comes out as a thick and delicious treat that keeps me full until my next meal!!



Founder of Result Based Training worldwide


What: A double espresso and maybe some sparkling water

When & Why? Well I intermittent fast, which means I simply push back breakfast 6 hours or so after I wake which puts my first meal to be had around the 12-2pm marker. You might think but breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it stokes your metabolism or something along those lines. There are quite a few benefits of Intermittent fasting but I’ll stick to the ones that I use it for.
1. Breakfast is calories, you only have so many calories you eat in the day, and for fat loss you need to be in a deficit. So say you eat 400 calories for breakfast it simply takes 400 calories off your consumption for later in the day. So for me personally I’d rather eat those 400 calories at dinner time and feel full every night I go to bed.
2. Not having food in my stomach and having some caffeine increases the focus and effects of the caffeine which is awesome for productivity.
3. It simplifies my day, I only have to think about 2-3 meals to eat and choices rather than 3-4 choices



Result based training strength & condition &  transformation coach – South Melbourne


When, What, Why: For breakfast I always go with something that’s high in protein and fats and little to no carbs. And stay away from sugar & carbs until at least lunch time. When you’ve been asleep all night or in a fasting state, you blood sugar and insulin levels are set low, and have you in a good “fat burning” state. The first meal of the day, breakfast (breaking the fast) should be protein and fats to keep you in this state for as long as possible. Recent studies show that having your carbs later in the day leads to better fat loss. So for me, it’s high protein and fats for breakfast, always.




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