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Shop and hangout with Rozalia Russian

Fierce, strong and a total babe – we’ve been hanging out with this crazy, beautiful mumma as she opens up her online store again for all your shopping needs. Roza shares her tips on how to getback into shape after pregnancy and her favourite Tully Lou pieces.

Tell us about yourself and what you’re up to?

Currently chasing my toddler around the house as she prefers to run now instead of walk! Once my daughter goes down for her sleep I am busy running my blog, online store and training workshops

Describe yourself in 3 words …

Relaxed, silly, glass is half full kind of girl

Favourite ways to sweat?

I love everything from boxing to running and doing weights. I will admit I am cursing my training during the workout but as soon as I start sweating I feel like I’m on top of the world


Advice for busy Mum’s who want to get back into it?

I think it’s very important to notput too much pressure on yourself. Every women’s body is different and how quickly you get back in shape will vary. This is also hard when trying to fit in your exercise routine whilst looking after a baby as we all know how little “me” time mums have any more. Little things like taking your baby for a walk or even having some light weights at home to do whilst your baby is playing will be a great way to ease back in.

Having been experienced this hurdles is what encouraged me to start running workshops with my trainer. All the exercises we do use your own body weight meaning you can do them at home if you can’t get to a gym.

I’m all about being a better version of yourself rather than comparing your self to anyone else. Also at the end of the day yes your hips and thighs might not be as tight as they were and you may still have a bit of tummy left over, but you grew a human being! Nothing can top that!

Favourite healthy hangout spots?

I always get my green juice from my local juice bar and also love stocking up on fresh produce from my organic grocery store.


Favourite piece of TL gear?

The Parna pants would be my ultimate favourites! There’s a reason why there is a waiting list for them.

What is a TULLY LOU girl to you?

A girl who is confident, proud of her body and healthy. There is a difference between being skinny and being healthy. I am all about being smart about food choices and exercising right to have a fit healthy body and life.

Pop on over to for her newest online shop featuring the latest Tully Lou gear and double tap on instagram @rozalia_russian.

Happy shopping