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Shedding That Winter Belly..

Spring has sprung – the days are getting warmer and longer giving us less excuses not to be up and about and exercising and shedding Winters comfort food belly. Every year this happens though we always say that ‘next week summer bod is on’ and most of the time it never really happens. But we’ve got you covered and with plenty of time before the official first day of Summer – the right way to a Summer body you’ve worked hard for is a balance of the right nutrition, hiit workouts and resistance training. Here are a few tips & tricks to get into shape before Summer.. 


Eat real food – It’s time to up the green leafy vegetables that are now in season and help detox your body. 80/20 nutrition rule. Watch your portions of carbs, proteins & fats. If you have a carb heavy breakfast maybe have meat and veg for dinner instead of pasta.

Sip on Green tea – Sipping on green tea has had proven effects to speed up your metabolism. It’s loaded with antioxidants that also help your body detox. It might not be your first drink choice but if you can bare it – load up on 1-2 a cups a day.

Small frequent meals – The metabolism is like a fire – it likes to be stoked often to keep the fire burning. Small frequent meals keep your fire burning at a higher rate. Don’t try and go hours without a meal.


Up the cardio – Cardio is the most effective way of burning belly fat. Make sure you are getting your heart at level where it is beating and working hard. If you’re going for a walk – every 2 minutes try running for 30 seconds. Small changes build up quickly. Boxing is a great way to up the cardio and is easy on the joints compared to running.

Try a HIIT class – There are plenty of options for HIIT classes now. F45, boxing gym, gyms in general they all offer classes that have an element of cardio.

Try fasted cardio – Working out first thing in the morning is an effective way to burn belly fat and fat in general. You using your bodies fat stores as energy sources for your working muscles instead of energy from your last meal a couple of hours ago.

Resistance workouts

Lift some weights – Resistance training is a major factor is kickstarting your metabolism into shape for Summer. As you get older your body’s muscle mass starts to naturally decrease so it’s extra important to up the weights and your metabolism. Make sure you hit up a gym that specialises in weight training as nothing will end your summer shred quicker then incorrect technique.

Try pilates – Resistance training people generally thing of squats and deadlifts. But if that kind of resistance isn’t your thing try pilates. It’s still resistance training – you will be sculpting your muscles in a different way and just remember.. slower the movements the harder your muscles have to work.

Body weight exercises – You don’t need a gym for resistance training. Your body can act as it’s own weight. The best way to find new body weight exercises or workouts – youtube! Our favourite body weight exercises – push ups, side planks with twist and single leg squats.

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