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Sarah Pasini | Ep.10

I couldn’t write my own intro because I don’t want to come across as a classic narcissist talking about myself and how great I am so this is what Tully had to say..

Like last week, this episode was a “practice run” so again – please be kind and is now a few months old, pre-covid. It was a lot of fun.

I (Tully) even learnt a few things about the girl that I call my best friend, business partner and now co-host of Curious Conversations. I sat down with my go to wing women Sarah Pasini. Who let’s say is not very active on the socials, which I secretly love about her. We had a lot of listeners requesting an episode where we could get to know her a little deeper. We touch on a serious motorbike accident that she had as a teen, that nearly had her lose a leg and how it changed her life for the best.

Sarah is the kind who has a really positive outlook on life. I really enjoyed interviewing Sar for this ep! I hope you guys enjoy and get to know the spasini aka Sarah I know and call my bestie and business partner.

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My + 1. #hayleyphilsthelove ?? ??

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Listen here.

Enjoy getting to hear a little something, something about me.

SP x

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