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Sally O’Neil | Ep. 8

Today’s chat we sat down with blogger, foodie and author Sally O’Neil aka the fit foodie. Once a backpacker with no idea how to boil an egg Sal has built a religious following over her fitspo instagram and whole food recipes after turning her life around and finally learning how to cook.

Sally talks about when building her career in health & wellness her attitude to being healthy became obsessive. This unhealthy behaviour lead to excessive loss of weight, periods, hair a misdiagnosis of anorexia and eventually a diagnosis of orthorexia – an eating disorder that involves an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating. Sally speaks about her experience over the years with this disorder and how she found balance and healthy relationship with food and exercise.

This chat is very real and honest. It’s something that Tul and I both relate to after having similar experiences to Sally when we were both younger.

Listen to Sally’s chat here

Enjoy x

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