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Saayy What!? The longest, most supercharged eclipse of the 21st century is happening this week.

A “Lunar eclipse” happens when the sun, earth and moon align – with Earth sitting between the sun and the moon. This temporarily bocks the suns bright rays from reaching the moon, giving the moon an enchanting reddish glow. and the name  “ Blood Moon’” – have we lost you?! (Don’ worry I was a little lost too!) However the cosmic vibes from a full moon total eclipse are believed to be a hundred times more powerful than any other phases.

So, on July 27th we can expect lunar energy to be supercharged and at its most intense for the longest time in a 100 year period. For me a Full moon is always a magical time for celebrating growth and goals or growing relationships and loving yourself. A full moon is a time for manifest a time to really sit and set some goals and check in how you are going to make them become reality.

So this  lunar eclipse on July 27th it’s a beautiful time to do the below:

  • Gather some of your soul sistas and sit outside under the moon near the ocean/lake and release and let go.
  • I also recommend setting out all your crystals overnight, so they can recharge
  • Prepare a vision board and manifest all of your life desires
  • Meditate
  • Journaling
  • Burn some sage or Palo Santo and repeat a mantra  for 10 mins.

By Tully Lou x


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