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RINGSIDE Q & A | Ruan Kotze

He is the man who trains models, celebrities, athletes, Mum’s, Dad’s and then there’s us. Ruan Kotze the former boxer turned trainer is the man you want to train with if you want to throw a cross jab like a pro. All round nice guy and the boxing guru at our TL YOXING events we sat down with Ruan to see how he breaks a sweat and to find out more about the man.

You kind of speak funny sometimes – where’s the accent from?
Well, I was born in South Africa so English is my second language. I guess the reason it may sound funny, or confused is because I’ve lived in South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia for nearly 10 years each. Plus it doesn’t help that I tend to mumble sometimes 😉
What got you into health and fitness?
I’ve always been into fitness and sport of any kind. I was a competitive boxer before I started University so I decided I wanted to do ‘Sports Science’ to gain knowledge and help me perform my best in the ring. Now that my fighting day’s are long gone, I just want to share the love and passion I have for boxing with anyone that wants to learn.
What can people expect from a fite pt session?
Everyone’s different, so it really depends on what the person wants to get out of training. Generally you can expect a tough but fun session, learning proper boxing technique and doing exercises, drills and combinations just like professional fighters. The only difference is you don’t get punched in the head (unless that’s what you want, we can make that happen)
Most important things to know when it comes to boxing?
Technique is crucial especially in the early stages, start slow and make sure you have a good coach. From the outside boxing can look like a wild brawl but it’s extremely technical. Hands up, chin down, stay relaxed and work hard!
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You seem to train everyone around town but what do you to workout?
I like to mix things up nowadays so I do a variety of sessions during the week which includes traditional weight training (3-4 times), boxing (2-3), running (once if any, I find it horrendously boring), and then a session of  something different like F45, Crossfit, Yoga, Pilates etc.
3 things that people might not know about you?
My real names Rudolph
Afrikaans is my first language
I only started boxing to help with my tennis
Food you couldn’t live without?
I couldn’t go without meat, I generally try and have some kind of meat with all of my meals. I don’t know how vegetarians do it but each to their own.
Favourite hangout spots in Melbourne?
I spend most of my time at FightFit Boxing Centre, it’s a pretty cool place and there are always great people there. Melbourne has so many different cafes, bars and restaurants, I like going out and trying different places.
Best advice you’ve ever been given
Work hard and always be nice to people. It’s pretty basic I think if you want to be successful in life (whatever that may mean to you) work hard, don’t be a prick and everything will work out just fine.
Lastly who do you think would win out of a fight – Tully Lou or Sarah Pasini?
They both say they would never fight each other because they are basically like sisters, but we all know siblings have the BEST fights, so this could make for a great bout! Maybe the next FightFit Challenge they can sort things out 😉
The most amazing trainer you can check more about Ruan over at his instagram @fitept.

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