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Reiki – What Is This Ancient Healing Practice?

At TL HQ we like to think we’re all over the holistic healing modalities gaining popularity – acupuncture and Chinese doctor on speed dial, meditation apps telling us we’re on a roll and meditated for so many consecutive days. We hear holistic and we’re in.

When a friend suggested recently I go to Reiki recently I was like, “Yer I’ve heard of it – never done it but I’ll give it a go.”

I knew a couple of things before my session 1. They don’t touch you (or rarely do) 2. They move energy around (somehow).

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Reiki (Ray-Key): The Japanese term for Universal (Rei) Life Force Energy (ki). Something we all have that lives within us. I am only a conduit to hold space for the Reiki in you to spread to places in the body where energy is stored from emotional, psychological, and physical pain. .. I am honored to be featured in @voyagedenvermag as a Reiki Practitioner starting a Reiki business to work with those who seek healing for themselves.. . ?Check the link in my bio? to read more about the upcoming business •The Mindful Bird• . .. . I am entirely grateful for this journey because I feel as if it is leading me to my true calling as an intuitive. I have recognized the strengthening of my intuition through reading energy stored in the body. Some call it psychic- I call it inner knowing. .. I administer the flow of Reiki and discern energy stored by the light placing of hands on the body. Techniques are used to move and clear stagnant energy and to be replaced with beautifully intended healing. . .. Reiki is becoming more widespread and I am amazed at the power of the effects on my clients and myself. If you’re interested in a session direct message me or use the BOOK button on my profile! .. I love you. I love you. I love you. Thank you to @oliviabartlett_ pictured as my model and @nickdiraddo for the photos! . . . #themindfulbird #birdsgratitude #reikimaster #denverreiki #reikihealing #reiki #energyhealers #energywork #mindfulnessmatters #selfcare #healing #painbody #phsyic #intuitivehealer #intuitive #smallbusiness #denverbusiness #voyagedenvermag

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What is reiki in a nutshell?

Reiki is an energy healing technique often used to promote healing, stress reduction and relaxation.  The word reiki translates simply as “life force energy”. So when they’re not touching you they are moving this ‘life force’ energy around you to help promote healing in the body, mind and spirit. Reiki is a very connected holistic practice and works on many different levels; energetic, physical, emotional, spiritual.

What can reiki help with?

If you ask people who go to reiki or practitioners they would say everything. Being a holistic practice there aren’t too many clinical studies but people who do go to reiki claim reiki can alleviate physical pain, help process grief, uplift your energy, increase motivation, and heal trauma. It’s not meant to replace medical treatment, but rather should be used to compliment other healing methods.

How does it feel?

To me reiki felt like a big emotional hug, release and validation. Did I feel different before and after my session? Definitely. There was a definite shift in energy ‘vibrations’ and a sense of peace and calmness which I guess what we all want. Will I go back. Yes.

Like all holistic therapies I feel like you have to be open to thoughts and the foundations of traditional and ancient practices that are gaining more popularity – all things come down to energy, awareness and feeling.

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