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Why I Quit Social Media for 24 hours

Social Media is a huge part of my life! Business and personal. I’ve built my brand and business on INSTAGRAM and generated a revenue from doing so, however ever since running my TULLY LOU Instagram I constantly feel all different kinds of anxiety and stress. I would be checking all social media platform nearly every waking hour of every single day!

Constant buzzing and flashing notifications from Instagram, emails, Facebook, twitter, text and calls that are constantly begging for my attention! I am actually embarrassed and ashamed to admit that if I miss a notification I am afraid of missing out on something! When it comes to the business I have always promised myself that I will always reply to ALL my customer’s comments (at least the best I can!) sometimes this can be hard work and even harder to keep on top of. In a world dominated by every possible platform of social media, its sometimes hard to imagine life without our beloved insta, snap or Facebook accounts.

Social media, for many people is about creating a persona its like this cardboard cut out version of ourselves. Its not really a healthy relationship in some cases, its not real, nor is it  authentic and I will be the first to admit this. As much as I try to be real and authentic on Instagram I admit I probably wouldn’t post a make up free first thing in the morning selfie… yet YouTube, insta story or snap chat I feel I can be more real and honest – it’s a bloody weird relationship!

Social Media for me is a rough ride. One moment I feel frustrated, the next I can’t get enough, then I’m pissed off. it’s a continues cycle of hate and love. I decided I to break away from this unhealthy cycle by taking a break from social media so I could reconnect with the things in my life that really count instead of comparing myself or business with others.

The idea of shutting out social media gave me a little bit of anxiety or maybe its more FOMO? (fear of missing out) but it actually couldn’t have been a more perfect moment in my life. After the initial withdrawal period passed, I found myself enjoying my life free from the constant notifications and distractions of Social media. There was actually something refreshing about not sharing my life with everyone + really being in the moment.  I was actually observing the things around me and being in the moment to each step and task I took.  I felt happier and less anxious.


Below I really wanted to share some tips and benefits of a social detox.

I invite you guys to try it out. Even if its turning social media off at a certain time at night or an hour a day, whatever you can do to start. I honestly think its beneficial and will make you feel happier and less anxious + all around better person.


You can stop comparing your own life to everyone else’s.

After I had some distance from social media for a significant amount of time, I realized so much of it was just a competition. After all, why do we share very selected details from our lives?


Improve Your Overall Mood

The more time you spend on a social media sites, the more likely you are to develop depression. In other words, if you’ve been feeling highly anxious, stressed out or depressed, this is a good time to take a social media detox. The less time on Social Media for me makes me a happier calmer person!


Reconnect with the Real World

Do you connect well with others online but find yourself never connecting in person? This can be ideal for introverts, but we all still have the need for some in-person human contact. Sadly, people who spend a lot of time on social media sites report feeling lonely and isolated in real life. If you want to make new friends, consider joining a gym or group training and meet like minded individuals!



  • Delete all of the apps off your phone
  • If this whole Detox thing scares the absolute sh%t out of you try just an hour a day where you turn your phone completely off. Then once you have gotten over this step for a few days, try shutting your mobile off at 8pm each night + just keep working your way up to maybe 1 day a week where you shut off Social media (HARD I KNOW! But trust me on this one!)
  • Turning your phone off while at work (if you don’t use social media for work that is)
  • Keeping the phone out of the bedroom at night and using an alarm clock instead.
  • 3 social media check-ins per day – the morning, at lunchtime, and once in the evening!

Would love to hear from you guys! Did you try the social media detox? If so how did it go, was it a challenge and most importantly how fricken good do you feel!?

Love Tully @ TULLY LOU


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