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Q&A Musician Brock Jays

Local Melbourne boy (we are claiming him) and Aussie, Brock Jays, is making waves over in the music industry in LA. Shooting to fame on reality show X-factor he was once a part of the boy band – What About Tonight (think Australian 1D). Now riding solo working with LA’s hottest producers who work with people like JOJO and Troy Sivan.. Brock was brave enough to sit down with the Team for hard hitting Q’s..

I started singing when I was a little tacker! And I got into the Australian musicals of Wizard of Oz and Oliver when I was 8 & 9. Which really got me into the entertainment scene! I was lucky enough to get understudy of Oliver and tour to Singapore for 3 months! I also danced for 14 years with my twin sister Dallas and then I messed up my knee when I was 15 which stopped me from dancing, but really allowed me to focus on my vocals and I really took a liking with it! And haven’t stopped since!

Since xfactor in 2012 my boyband and we released our first single “Time of our Lives” which peaked at number 2 on the Aria charts! That was so awesome as we got tour around Australia through 2Day FM and got to shoot a wicked video over in Thailand! We then recorded and did a lot of stuff over in the US! When our second track was ready we finally released “How we do” which was so much fun filming! We did some awesome things through this huge YouTube channel in the states called “Awesomeness TV“!

My favourite spots for cafes and hangouts are definitely near Federation Square! Best places for coffee and brunch!! A few blocks from there! Even south Yarra has some nice spots! I haven’t been back to Melbourne in a while, now that I’ve been living in Sydney for the last 5 years!

Well when I’m in LA I’m working in studios up in NoHo and our office is in Hollywood! So I’m always between all of that! I love going to the Aussie owned and run Ep & Lp for a few cheeky drinks! Santa Monica pier is definitely a favourite hang spot! If I’m not recording or doing my thing I’m up in the hills at some friends houses kicking back and enjoying the hills!

I love going for 6-10km (depending on how I feel) jogs with music blasting in my ears! It’s a great way to clear your mind and break a sweat! I also did some kickboxing and boxing classes a few months back and decided to get my own bag and gloves! I also enjoy that it’s a great way to de-stress!

Hmmm mastered the art! Don’t think so yet, but I can cook if I’m in the mood for it! Haha I do love making a chicken, mushroom and spinach risotto or even some veggie packed omelettes! I’m very lucky my mum can cook some delicious meals for the family and myself! I have learnt along the way! Still to hoping to master it in the future!

Definitely coffee, avocado, and my beloved Vegemite! Love that stuff!! Aha they’re like my staple foods!!

1. I can do a lot of different voices and characters from Little Britain! I probably developed a sick obsession over that show for me to even attempt to copy those voices!
2. The first job I got rejected from was McDonalds when I was 14 because I had the wrong attitude! Haha but I think the real reason was because I knew everyone working there from my school and I talked a lot through my interview! In my defence I was really nervous!
3. Back on the Job’s topic! I’m a barista and also use to be a rock climbing instructor in Melbourne for a few years! So I love rock climbing!

Make sure you have a clear and healthy headspace, because without a healthy mind it’s hard to function and perform day to day, especially if you’re super busy! Also to understand it’s ok to be upset sometimes as that’s completely normal and don’t be afraid to talk about it! Mental health is the key to a healthy body, mind and spirit so definitely find ways that work for you to unwind also make sure you get enough sleep!

About 5 months back my boyband split and I’ve been following my solo music which I’m super excited to launch in late Jan/early Feb!

I’ve got an amazing management team over in LA who not only support me but they believe in my vision of where I want to go! So now it’s just a bit of rebranding and fine tuning of my sound! Which I’m loving and hoping y’all will enjoy! I have my first release coming out! But I can’t give too many details on that yet 😉 I’m now launching my music under “JAYS” so that’s where everyone can find me under!
I have a few collabs coming out with some DJ’s that I wrote and recorded recently ones called “Misfits” which will be out with Alex Quirk and another track called “Desperate” with the DJ/Pruducer Nick Martin! So I’m super excited that my music will be out on all the platforms! And radio again! Wooh! Listen out!


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