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Q&A with Matt Thomas

Local Melbourne boy born and bred Matt Thomas got to live most boys child hood dream of playing AFL. Playing for both Port Adelaide and Richmond, Matty was a super fit, feisty on baller that never stopped running until his career got cut short by injuries.

What do you do when you stop playing AFL though? Granted he’s probably one of very few who haven’t stacked on the extra kg’s post retirement but why wouldn’t you open up a kick ass gym in Prahran, Gymmy Squatz, with your mate?! Find out more about Matty, his post AFL life and Gymmy in our little Q&A..


1.First thing I do when you wake up..Have a nice hot shower.. and confirm what day it is! 

2. What being healthy to me means.. To me striking the balance between healthy eating and physical activity encompasses being healthy.

3. 3 exercises everyone should nail on technique..

The squat. Either barbell or kettle bell.

The pull up. Any grip.

Battle ropes

4. Favourite form of training is.. High Intensity Interval Training – Gymmy Squatz style.

5. Hardest thing about playing AFL…Knowing it may all come to an end, Its the Dream Job.

6. Best thing post AFL career…Becoming more relaxed with my lifestyle and training volumes, and some foods!!! 

7.     At least once a week I cook..Poached eggs with Avo!!! or Banana Ice cream in the thermo-mix..

8.     Healthiest hang out spots in Melbourne…Love domain road South Yarra, Just opposite the Tan, or anywhere along the beach in summer.

9.     Handy tip for anyone wanting to overhaul their fitness routine…Start with something you can commit to, and spend 5 mins preparing the night before. Getting out of bed is the hard part.

10. What you can expect from Gymmy Squatz…Variety!!! Our programs target all aspects of life and performance. Whether you’re and athlete or an enthusiast your conditioning levels will increase and each day youre challenging yourself. 

11. Last photo on my iphone at the moment is..A progress shot of our second site, coming soon to South Yarra! 

Check more about Gymmy Squatz here including timetable, classes, location.



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