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Q+A | Boob Buddies Founder Barb Wood

If giving is the best feeling in the world then Barb Wood from Boob Buddies must be riding high majority of the time. Going back to uni in her 50’s this rockstar Mum is the epitome of resilience and the old saying when you get knocked down 99 times you get back up 100. Her life is now devoted to giving – giving to others who are just going through a sh%tty time she would say.

The founder and CEO of non for profit charity Boob Buddies – an organisation that provides free in-home professional counselling to help children and adults cope with the unseen emotional side-effect of cancer, author and renown guest speaker, Barb is a pillar of wisdom and strength with everyone who is lucky to cross paths with her.

First thing you do when you wake up…

Put the kettle on.

How do you like to work out… 

I like to do 30mins on a cross trainer, followed by some weights (don’t want flabby arms), lunges, and stretches. Time permitting, I then have a sauna.

3 top favourite foods… 

Pasta, broccoli, and avocado.

3 daily routines you live by..

  • Before getting out of bed I name 5 things that I’m grateful for.
  • I aim to help make a positive difference to at least 1 person’s life.
  • I make sure I have some ‘me time’.

What inspires you to wake up in morning

The fact that I have a life to live.

What’s your favourite quote

Worry about the things you can change…concern yourself with what you can’t”. Created by me

What’s your favourite book

Waiting for Autumn – written by Scott Blum

If you could give your younger self advice what would you say

Get to know yourself as it’s the most important relationship you’ll ever have.

Most fulfilling BB (Boob Buddies) moment so far..
If I had to choose just one…it would be the moment I shared a video, at last year’s inaugural
Gala Dinner, in which Bonnie (a 10 year old little girl with incurable brain cancer) spoke
about her diagnosis and about what my visit meant to her. Bonnie said, “Barb made me feel special”.
For the time I sat with Bonnie, she was just Bonnie…not Bonnie with terminal Cancer.

What’s next for BB

Oh, my goodness, who knows. Ideally, to become a National not-for-profit so we can change the lives of children and adults, all around Australia, who are affected by cancer.

Who is your dream BB company collaboration

A sponsor who could enable us to become a National not-for-profit.

Find out more about Boob Buddies here  and the Gala dinner will Saturday 4th August at Seaworld Resort Gold Coast. Find more at and tickets.

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