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Big fans of all things cultured and good for our gut health. Love yoghurt, love kefir one thing we’re missing in Australia – skyr + siggi’s.

Skyr is thick, creamy, dense and the traditional yoghurt of Iceland. Traditionally made by The Vikings they used cream to make butter and skyr from the remaining skim milk. It’s a mix up of skim milk and probiotics and then the whey is strained away the whole process leaves you with this heavy, delicious yoghurt generally has 2-3 more times more protein then the regular sort.


Use it like you would any yoghurt – as a healthy snack, on top of porridge or in your next smoothie.

We fell totally in love with this stuff overseas but can’t seem to find it anywhere in Aus so if you know of anywhere we’d love to know or else we think we should start petitioning siggi’s to bring this stuff out because it’s that god damn good.

Next time your offshore and have a yogurt craving crack open some skyr.


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  • I know what you mean! I LOVEEEEE skyr – had it my first time when I was in Iceland and obsessed over it. I lived in LA and was so happy to discover siggi’s. But now I’ve just moved to Melbourne and I can’t find anything remotely similar. Not even thick greek yogurt like Fage. Have you found any thing close? If not, what’s your favorite yogurt available in Australia?


    • Nope not yet Alice! Our fav yoghurt is Barambah or good old chobani! if you find anything let us know!

      TLT x

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