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Posture Perfect

Head up back straight – that’s what Mum always used to say, perfect posture, but little did I (we) know back then that all those aches and pains are mostly caused by bad posture – the way we stand, the way we sit etc. 

Pore muscle contraction through the core effects the way your muscles fire (your nerves) and eventually overtime everything starts to weaken and get ‘sloppy’ – even your nerves. The way you hold the position of your body effects your muscles, the nerves and the structure (the way the bones form) in your body. Even the load you have to carry on your body is effect by the way you stand.

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Physics is a bitch! How you carry yourself makes a difference on load ___ All the extra pressure relentlessly cranks on C7-T1 of the spine (where the line hits the neck on the 42 pounder and is one of the critical places for breathing) Think mediastinum 😌 __ Not to mention what happens to the back of your head. That messes with your CSF (brain and spine lubricant) 🤪All these affect pressure dynamics of fluid in the body. In including lymph and blood! That’s massive ___ Come to one of my workshops on 🔹primal movement and lymphatics🔹 to learn the system for helping all this stuff. Easy and it’s for everyone. If you have a body you can come to my course. 😜 ___ One tip: A keystone to helping reverse this position is working on the sternal nerves. If ya don’t free those up, you may discover stuff doesn’t stick for long ___ for dates and locations and to register 🦄 ___ NYC next weekend. Only have 2 spots remaining until Sold Out‼️Hurry! See ya there ___ #stopchasingpain #breathing #posture #cranial #sacrum #movement #lymph #posture

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Being aware of your posture is the first step. Small corrections of the way your stand – shoulders back, head up, core switched on. But let’s all be honest – we don’t always know when our core is switched on so try seeing a personal trainer, go to a recommended pilates teacher and through functional movements you can start strengthening the muscles and get those nerves firing more efficiently.

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