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Palm Springs | The healthy way

So what’s the first thing you do after you land from a 14 hour flight? Drive 2 hours up highway 10 to Palm Springs. Desert in the middle of summer – probably should of checked the temperature before we booked that sh!t No joke it’s above 45 degrees each day with a minimum of 30 degrees overnight.

Doesn’t stop the team though. Wake up and hit the gym first thing in the morning. Refuel. Grab some sun (you don’t burn/tan here FYI) then repeat for 3 nights/days but skip the 3rd night because 2 nights here and you’re done. Trust us.
So the general census of food in the U.S is that it’s all greasy, fried etc and damn straight there is loads of that stuff and a denny’s or taco bell on every corner but it is so easy to eat well and break a sweat here.
Here’s the best spots in Palm Springs to refuel and eat well.



King’s Highway | Ace hotel 

Just off highway 10 at the hotel you’ll find this cool retro eatery. Breakky they have porridge fruits and even avo on toast. Grab some sides, protein and you’re done. Dinner grilled salmon, salads and get the roasted fennel on the side it’s legit.


Reservoir | Arrive 

Nice open restaurant. After fresh salads for dinner this is your go to spot. Pick your salad then add protein to it. Quick and healthy. The tacos here are amazing and the best dish of Palm Springs t00 – Tuna pokè as a starter is worth going back for and takes the crown.



Chi Chi | Avalon Hotel

Serving up Californian flare with a healthy twist this is a great spot to hit up for breakky. Acai bowls, breakky bowls with greens and egg and if you’re craving something a little bit indulgent try the buckwheat pancakes.



Workshop Kitchen + Bar 

This place does wholefoods the healthy way with a dash of Cali flavour. Breakfast is standard greens, eggs, oatmeal etc so you can’t go wrong here. Dinner is grilled meats coated in mesquite (yes mesquite, that caramel powder superfood you add to smoothies and raw treats & it’s delish) add some collard greens to the side or some roasted brussel sprouts (the only way to have them) and you’ve got yourself one healthy american dinner.



Wholefoods | Palm Desert 

Drive 15 minutes down the road from Palm Springs and you will hit Palm Desert. Here there is a few more shops and a little bit more civilisation then Palm Springs and also the holy grail of healthy shopping – Wholefoods. Pick up a whole bunch of prepared meals or DIY and build an epic healthy salad. It’s worth stocking up on nibbles if you’re in the area for a few days.


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