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Warning: Consistent meditation will cause increased happiness, better health + inner peace. Hell yer and that’s why we love it. But tried to meditate and you sat there thinking okay when is this zen feeling going to come at me and why aren’t I all peace, love, happiness yet?! Here’s some sneaky tips and tricks we think will help you hit a mediation sweet spot.

thing about meditating is go into without any expectations (same with yoga)
everyday you are different, your body is different, your thoughts are
different. It’s about focusing on the here and now – thoughts, emotions and

Run down of the basics

  • Ground
    yourself. Find a comfortable seat or lay down and just breath.
  • Scan
    your body. Relax. Relax shoulders, arms, jaw, tongue. Everything. Time to chill.
  • Focus
    on your breath coming in and out. Your tummy rising and falling.
  • Mind
    wondering? That’s sweet – take note of your thoughts, acknowledge them. Put
    them on a conveyer belt and boom get rid of them. Let it go.
  • Keep
    coming back to breath – inhale, exhale + relax.

Nailed focusing on your breathing? We love to meditate on a specific mantra or positive affirmation. Continually repeat positive words or phrases in your head and if you lose yourself just come back to those few words and just breath. A few of our favourites are..

“I am powerful, I am strong”

“I love and accept myself”

“So Hum” Sanskrit for “I am that”

Give it a go. There is no wrong way to meditate.


Peace + Love


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