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Oat Lattes: The Healthiest Latte..?

There’s a new star in the world of alt-milk for your next morning latte. Baristas are loving it because it froths more then your traditional almond and soy milks giving a better, foamier texture and it tastes pretty good too. Welcome to our local coffee shops oat milk.

Why is oat milk becoming so popular?

  • Naturally creamy and sweet just like your morning porridge
  • It’s a great milk alternative for people who suffer from nut, soy and lactose allergies.
  • With the rise of more plant based consumption oat milk is vegan
  • Provides a source of vitamin B, small amounts of minerals such as calcium and iron
  • Source of fibre
  • Slightly better for the planet as oats are easier to crop and use less water to harvest then almonds

All milks come with health benefits but if you’re trying to cut back on dairy and still want a creamy coffee oat milk probably has the most similar texture to dairy then other alt milks.

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