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The next step | Hang 5 with Rhiannon Tracey

People who follow their passions we have all the time for. Altruistic people are phenomenal and then there’s Rhiannon Tracey. Told she would never walk again (never tell a women she can’t do anything) Rhiannon stuck it to them and not only walked again but is now inspiring Australian’s and people all over the world who have suffered spinal cord injuries to do the same by raising crucial funds for research and her own recover centre The Next Step.

TLT got to know RT the only way we know how with our hard hitting Q&A session..


1.     What’s a typical morning at RT HQ?
Mornings are a struggle for everyone. But having a spinal cord injury means my body literally seizes up over night as I’m not moving so I have to physically and mentally drag myself out of bed and have a big stretch.
Sometimes if my body is full of tone (spasm) I jump on my vibration plate and literally shake it out.
Then it’s on to breakfast. I used to hate eating breakfast but now it’s my favourite and most creative part of the day. If I am training that morning I’ll generally eat breakfast afterwards but I usually whip up a smoothie bowl or some smashed avo on toast and pair it with a coffee (currently obsessed with Woolies Organic Coffee Pods) fill my tummy, hit the showers and head off to The Next Step SCI Recovery to take on the day and witness the magic that is spinal cord injury recovery!
2.     What was/is recovery like for you. How many hours, what type of exercises? 
I believe recovery goes way beyond the physical. Which is a lesson I’ve learnt on this journey. Without a good mindset you will never function at full capacity so I dedicate myself to 3 intensive physical training days that are generally between 90 minutes and 2 hours long ranging between cardio and strength and conditioning, 2 mindset training days, so I will make a point of reading a book about something that will directly affect my life whether it be nutrition (my favourite book right now for both nutrition and mindset is Lola Berrys – The Happy Life) or something motivational like Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love). If I can’t physically read, I’ll download books on Audible and listen to them on the go.
3. Top tips to stay positive
I’m a huge believer in manifesting good outcomes. I create vision boards and goal lists whenever I feel the universe needs to give me a little bit more of a push and so far the outcomes have always been great!
Surrounding yourself with positive influences is absolutely crucial to having a positive life. I found after my accident people I thought were my friends came and went from my life which turned out to be a good thing as I learnt to filter out negative influences. You want people in your life that dream big and can pick you up on a bad day and visa versa!
4.  Biggest achievement so far..
Definitely opening The Next Step and then continuing to keep it open as its a Not for Profit!


5. 3 things people might not know about me are
I’m generally a pretty open book but I’ll give it a go..
I drool when I’m sleeping (generally means I’m having a great sleep) Haha!
I started horse riding after I became a quadriplegic.
Pasta is my weakness! I love love LOVE Spag Bol.
6. Favourite healthy hangout spots
There’s a great little cafe in Eltham (where I grew up) called the Zen Den that is full of yummy raw treats and organic and healthy meals and Happy Place in South Melbourne is bomb for a good smoothie!
7.  3 things always in my fridge
Almond Milk
Gotta keep those smoothie staples stocked up!
8.  If I was a superfood I would be.. 
Cacao! Because it’s the closet thing to chocolate and you can literally create so many yummy things with it.
9.  Favourite quote..
Sometimes things fall apart so better things can fall together – Marilyn Monroe (I have this tattooed on my forearm)
10. 2016 is half way done but.. I will continue smashing goals so that 2017 is the best year yet!
Find out more about Rhiannon over at her site


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